jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Narrative of my ancestors

I am Julia and I live in Poland with my daughter and my son, George,  who is elder than she is. I have to work a lot with my son because my husband died last year when terrorists arrived to the house and shot hm in the chest . In that moment he began to bleed and we could not do anything to save him.
As a result of our poverty my daughter, Mery, and I spent most of time working on a corn harvest while my son was sent to fight to Germany, but I hope that one day he will return home.
I was getting older and I wanted to give Mery a better life so I began to save money in a secret part of the house. We spent several weeks without food when nobody was watching us we ate corn for the harvest.
The years passed and my daughter and I continued living in the same situation, so tired of this unfan situation when the money was enough, I took Mery and our things and went to the harbour where we caught a ship which took us to Argentina, without hearing from George again.

My life story

sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

The letter of Julia to his friend in Poland

Dear Peter,
As I haven´t written for so long, I thought it was time I dropped you a line or two from Argentina. Unfortunately, the weather has been quite bad here in Buenos Aires over the last few days. I think summer is finally over!. Never mind, it will give me the chance to do all the things (like touring the city) I have been putting off while I have been trying to accommodate in this new life that I am going to live.
Life here is great- I have just found a job which is working in a friendly little cafe near the harbor. It is only a few hours each week, but the pay is good and some great people are working there. It is the only way I have found to have money.
I feel it is time to tell you one thing that changed my life. When I was travelling on the ship I met someone who was an immigrant like me, he says he was from Croatia, his name was Sam, and he decided to go to Argentina because life was very difficult in Croatia, he didn´t have a job and he had no money to live.
After a few hours of travelling, he told me about his family, he had one brother and one sister but when he was thirteen years-old his sister died of cancer. I didn´t know how to react when he told me that because it was a sad thing for him so I decided to speak about another thing, like my family and the reasons why I was going to Argentina.
When we arrived in Argentina, he said  that he had some friends here and he was going to live with them until he could find a job. Since then I had never seen him again until I saw him in the café that I am working, he is an employee too.  
Well, I will finish now as I have got to go and work at the café. I miss you a lot- if only you were here with me. Between us I am going to confess you something, I feel as I know Sam from a life time, we had a lot of things in common. We are good friends now, I don’t feel so lonely. Now that I have finished tidying all the things we brought in the ship up, I will write more often- I promise!
Lots of love, my friend

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Video of the tourist attractions in Poland

Poland is a vast country located in the heart of Europe, along the rivers OderVistula, and the Baltic Sea. For  tourists the most attractive thing of this country is its natural wealth, historical monuments and respect to tradition. Modernity, which appears at every turn, goes hand in hand with full respect for the traditions and cultural distinctions of their regions. Poland is varied in its landscape. To the south lie the Carpathians and the Sudetes. The central part is occupied by plains and plateaus. The northern part of Poland is slightly wavy and relatively wooded, covered with thousands of lakes. The sandy beaches of the Baltic coasts are farther north. Its turbulent history and its position in central Europe, junction of the influences of many people and beliefs, make Poland fascinated by their culture, both material and spiritual. The main resorts are  large urban centers with a wealth of monuments, famous for the events that took place there. These centers, visited by tourists and businessmen, offer interesting events and festivities.They are good  places to do shopping, and sometimes also attractive to take a break in the schedule established.