jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

Narrative of my ancestors

I am Julia and I live in Poland with my daughter and my son, George,  who is elder than she is. I have to work a lot with my son because my husband died last year when terrorists arrived to the house and shot hm in the chest . In that moment he began to bleed and we could not do anything to save him.
As a result of our poverty my daughter, Mery, and I spent most of time working on a corn harvest while my son was sent to fight to Germany, but I hope that one day he will return home.
I was getting older and I wanted to give Mery a better life so I began to save money in a secret part of the house. We spent several weeks without food when nobody was watching us we ate corn for the harvest.
The years passed and my daughter and I continued living in the same situation, so tired of this unfan situation when the money was enough, I took Mery and our things and went to the harbour where we caught a ship which took us to Argentina, without hearing from George again.

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